Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is it really November?

Where, oh where does the time go? Our 4 boys keep growing, and it seems to be going by so fast. This fall has been very busy with school, soccer and not much else. I haven't been taking pictures to document what we've been doing during these last weeks- that needs to change.
As some of you may know, soccer is my FAVORITE sport, so to see the boys doing well and enjoying the game makes me very excited. I should try and get some photos of them in action. Son #1 was playing in a recreational league and did an outstanding job on Saturday in their tournament. His team took first place- it was a very exciting game. The other 3 also had games- one win, one tie and one loss. They all played well, had fun and demonstrated good sportsmanship.

I must add that the kids are doing very well in school. They're all pretty motivated to get their school work done in class when the teacher gives them the opportunity. If not, they finish it shortly after getting home. The evenings have been busy with soccer practice so they know the "work now, play later" mantra is a good thing. When one is at practice, the others come along and can play football or run around, or something else that catches their eye.

Not much time to stamp these days...I did manage to squeak a quick one in for a friend. All SU stuff. This is my therapy!

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Jamie Martin said...

Great card, love the colors.