Saturday, August 23, 2008

Puppy update

A quick update on "Crumpet". Also known as "Pumpkin", "Biscuit" and "Puppy". After posting signs in the neighborhood with no response, calling the local shelters, vets and SPCA to check if anyone is missing this puppy, we ended up taking her to a shelter. The man who took her in said she looked like a purebred Rottweiler. My question was "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" He responded that being a puppy is always good- they get adopted all the time. And being a purebred is good too. My concern was her well-being, and that's why we decided to give her to the shelter. I needed to be realistic about the time and energy it would take to have another big dog here. The organization was pretty sure she'd get adopted, especially with her great disposition and good behavior. I'll be checking up on her online to see when she gets adopted!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Found: smart, cute puppy. Call to claim

She is really a sweetie! Very smart and well behaved. Where'd she come from you ask? My husband and I walk in the mornings- for our health and our dog's. This morning a college-aged gal was standing in her driveway across the street from where we were walking, talking on her phone with a puppy at her feet. She hollered to us, asking if we'd ever seen this dog before. No sooner than she said that, the pup was on her way over to us, or rather, to our dog. After the initial greeting the dogs gave to each other, seriously about 10 seconds, the girl was gone. Huh? Husband says "C'mon, lets go..." What do I do with this puppy? She has no collar. We're at the beginning of our walk and I only have one poop bag...Do we go back home? Go knock on her door? She obviously is not a dog person! Fast forward to right now. Puppy- whose name is now "Crumpet" is out front in our gated courtyard after a full day of playing with kids and her new 90 lb friend (our dog). She looks like a lab/rottweiler mix and I'm guessing about 3 months old- maybe? We'll be putting signs up around the neighborhood on Tuesday, taking her to a vet that can check for a microchip, and hoping for a happy reunion very soon.
This next picture is a bit blurry, but it reminded me of those toy stuffed dogs with the big noses- do you remember them? They included many of the popular breeds. A retail store where I worked long, long ago carried them, so I bought a few for my kids- using my employee discount of course. She sure is cute, isn't she?
Have a nice day! Peggy

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Finally, a card! And some sewing...

It's been busy, busy, busy around here with a "cram the last fun stuff in before school starts" chaos. But I did manage to stamp a bit. This card uses SU stuff- I'll list specifics at the end. I made 2 versions, this one and one with a zig zag stitch- just for variety. A close relative is getting baptized so this card is for the special day.

Stuff I used:
cardstock: whisper white, so saffron, mellow moss
ink: so saffron, mellow moss
stamps: refuge and strength
accessories: mellow moss taffeta, marvy scallop punch, sewing machine

We have some birthdays to celebrate this coming week. My husband has a niece and nephew that are both married and have kids. So the birthdays are for his great-nephew and great-niece. I was inspired by Nichole Heady's post on fabric purse construction on her blog. Since I also look for excuses to sew (just like stamping!) I thought that a book tote would be perfect for these budding readers (ages 3 and 2). I simply changed the measurements to make the totes a bit larger for books (I started with fabric 14" wide by 24" long) and made the straps from the fabric, otherwise it's exactly the same. Nichole's instructions are clear and simple, plus her photos are very helpful. If you have ever wanted to make a simple gift, this is a good choice. Her project is ideal because it combines sewing AND stamping!! It doesn't get any better than that! Here's her blog:
Look under her list of tutorials for fabric purse construction
She has lots of other very inspiring things to look at too.

The book is one of all the kids' all-time favorites. It was one that my mother-in-law read to my husband when he was a boy- it's a great story for counting, and a few laughs. I recommend it!
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Something fun to do

I came across this website:
and this is what I made.

Something fun to do by yourself or with a family member! Have a great day!

I'm into something new

I recently took a short course on digital scrapbooking and fell in love with a new *hobby*! I've been long admiring what some creative people can do with some software and their computer...and I had to jump in. I'm still so new at it and the learning curve is high, but it's so fun. I've also found some really terrific sites on the web that are very helpful if you're! Here's a fav:
She has great tutorials! And a giveaway.

I will post some of my work soon, as one of my issues is learning how to upload the page...that wasn't covered in class! I also have requested some materials from the library, so the problem should be solved soon:)