Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Found: smart, cute puppy. Call to claim

She is really a sweetie! Very smart and well behaved. Where'd she come from you ask? My husband and I walk in the mornings- for our health and our dog's. This morning a college-aged gal was standing in her driveway across the street from where we were walking, talking on her phone with a puppy at her feet. She hollered to us, asking if we'd ever seen this dog before. No sooner than she said that, the pup was on her way over to us, or rather, to our dog. After the initial greeting the dogs gave to each other, seriously about 10 seconds, the girl was gone. Huh? Husband says "C'mon, lets go..." What do I do with this puppy? She has no collar. We're at the beginning of our walk and I only have one poop bag...Do we go back home? Go knock on her door? She obviously is not a dog person! Fast forward to right now. Puppy- whose name is now "Crumpet" is out front in our gated courtyard after a full day of playing with kids and her new 90 lb friend (our dog). She looks like a lab/rottweiler mix and I'm guessing about 3 months old- maybe? We'll be putting signs up around the neighborhood on Tuesday, taking her to a vet that can check for a microchip, and hoping for a happy reunion very soon.
This next picture is a bit blurry, but it reminded me of those toy stuffed dogs with the big noses- do you remember them? They included many of the popular breeds. A retail store where I worked long, long ago carried them, so I bought a few for my kids- using my employee discount of course. She sure is cute, isn't she?
Have a nice day! Peggy

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Jennifer E. said...

Aww! She is sweet! Any luck or has your family grown +1 now? We need an update to her story!